The Socialists are at it Again in Canada

National Pharma Care?

Well Justin Trudeau and Jagmeet Singh are at it again. The two geniuses are going to introduce legislation to implement National Pharma Care into Canada.

The NDP/Liberal Socialist Coalition

Of course they claim its to help people who cannot afford it-being funded on the backs of the tax payers-even though they claim its free! Nothing is for free!

Here is another government program added to the already huge government that we have. Instead of cutting government and taxes so we can afford our own Pharma Care-no you see the government thinks they can spend your money better than you can. This is just another way for government to control your life and not give you the CHOICE! Taking away your ability to choose.

Why do you think our healthcare and other institutions are so badly run? There is no competition, and without competition there is no reason for them to run anything properly and efficiently. What government program do you know that is run right? It doesn’t have to and so your taxes dollars are completely wasted and devoured by people who just want to suck the tax payer dry until they cry for more money.

Yet the Prime Minister and the NDP leader will sell it as something good-it’s not!