The Liberals just don't get it

Federal Budget (2024)

The Liberals and Justin Trudeau just don’t get it! We can also add in the NDP.

The wealthy bring jobs, money, investment, innovation and more that contribute immensely to our economy. Yet the socialist (as they always do) continue to vilify and punish people for being successful and wealthy. Continually the government and media portray rich successful people as greedy and evil, yet wealthy people are in reality the most generous.

In this federal budget again we see the socialist mind set of taxing the rich and giving to the poor which never works; never has, never will (read Rich Dad Poor Dad for a detailed refutation). If we continue to go down this road of punishing the wealthy, then the wealthy will download the prices to the everyday working man and woman (i.e. the tax payer), or they will pick up and leave the country and take their money and jobs with them and we will end up like Cuba which I think is Justin Trudeau’s overall plan for Canada. Canadian Journalist Spencer Fernando writes, “news that the Liberals are planning to increase taxes on the wealthy should be seen as what it is: A policy that will make all of us poorer….Other countries have tried to do the same thing, only to watch as wealthy people flee the country, while others work less to reduce their overall income and thus lower their tax bill. This results in less overall tax revenue, pushes innovators and job creators out of the country and makes life worse for everyone.” (Article; Who Will Pay For Higher Taxes On The Wealthy? You Will. April 16th, 2024, emphasis added).

Time and time again these government continue to take from the rich and give to the poor and has it worked? Are you paying more? They have been selling this for years has it worked? NO! Instead educational institutions and others should teach people how to be successful-become makers not takers. Like that old saying “Give a man a can of tuna and he’s had a meal. But teach a man how to fish and he will never go hungry again.” Let’s teach people how to fish instead of big government programs (cans of tuna) that will just put us all in the poor house. “Every dollar the government expects to subtract from the pockets of investors with this tax hike is a dollar of potential investment lost,” said Renaud Brossard, vice president at the Montreal Economic Institute.