More Government More Slaves are made in Canada

Bigger Government is nothing but Trouble

Well, the Socialist are at it again and of course telling everyone just how wonderful it is spending 1 billion dollars of Tax payer money on a food distribution program in Canada.

Now children, as the Prime Minister says, can concentrate on their school work without worrying about food because money is tight at home. Question is, who created that problem in the first place? This is what I have noticed with this government in Canada. They create a problem, then they come up with another government program to try and solve it-it’s a double edged sword!

However, all Justin Trudeau and his socialist coalition government is really doing is making people dependent on government-slaves to the state! No more are Canadians relying on their OWN job, businesses and other income to feed their children as we have always done; the Canadian Government has made sure that cannot happen any longer with the high taxes and stupid regulations they have imposed and continue to impose on tax payers!

Instead of Canadians relying on their OWN resources, the government is what they rely on now. Their is now Pharma care, Dental Care, now a national food program for children. All these Canadians had the power to get and give to their families, and now it’s all gone! Are things getting better or worse?

The whole point of this is, government thinks they can control YOUR money better than YOU can. So they take from you, and give a little back (called rebates) and the rest wasted on government programs to keep them employed. You see, successful people DO NOT need the government which renders the government useless and that’s the last thing they want, so they take from the Tax payer to keep government relevant in the lives of Canadians and have complete control over their lives-it’s making the citizens of Canada slaves to the state! The last thing the government wants is successful people! And If there are successful people in Canada the government punishes them with regulations and taxes.

Canadians need to take back their power, take back control of their lives because if this continues as we have seen in history, in the Soviet Union, Cuba, Venezuela and other places that have implemented socialist policies, all have collapsed and chaos and economic hardships ensued. Canadians need to really wake up!