America is Sick!

Downward spiral of the USA

America is sick! They don’t know it! They don’t like to talk about it! They don’t even like to be diagnosed! But after the State of the Union last night by President Joe Biden-him representing the nation, it is obvious that the Nation is sick!

Just like Joe Biden, America is no longer the vibrant young nation it used to be. America is slow moving, tired and ready to retire!

When you look at America like a body, it is pretty obvious that America is sick, old and tired!

The head representing the government is sick. The President last night spewing out lie after lie working against the American people and not for it! The border crisis, the economy being shut down, borders open all done by this administration. Anyone looking from the outside in has to ask why? The only answer is-the government is sick! She is not thinking straight. Her head is so filled with the disease of political correctness and wokeness that her thought process is not functioning properly!

What about the heart of the nation? The pride, the power, the patriotism of America has been waning for decades. There is no national purpose or goal for America anymore. No matter how many times Joe Biden yells “We are the United States of America!”- It’s all hype! She is a paper tiger rotting from within.

The Digestive system of the USA is our cities? As I look at America’s cities, on the problems of what the cities ingest-crime, hate, drugs, illegal immigrants and gangs. When I think of her huge sprawling cities, belching forth their effluent and harboring their personal terror, to me it looks like Uncle Sam's stomach is in bad shape. Look at L.A. Cleveland, Detroit, Baltimore San Francisco and other especially democrat run cities. Some have burn to the ground is recent years- She has acid reflux disease for sure!

What about the muscle-the labor force of the USA? There are some serious afflictions in Uncle Sam’s muscular strength. People want higher wages, more fringe benefits, longer paid vacations, earlier retirement, and shorter work hours. They have Monday morning absenteeism, slipshod, unconcerned work, high turnover rates, and a lack of responsibility on the job. These turned-off attitudes are draining her national economic strength. Unions sucking companies dry always threatening strikes. Millennials want to start at the top and not the bottom; and top of that, they want time during their work day to play on their cell phones. I know a business owner that refuses to hire millennials-they are just not worth the cost! America use to be the greatest exporters of steel. Now it’s Porn! This just shows how sick America has become! Half of their manufacturing industry is now in China. Manufacturing is gutted! And inflation is up and it’s going to stay up no matter what Joe Biden says. The dollar is weakening and she is losing our purchasing power.

If America seriously does not turn this around and heal herself, like the sick body that is not attended to, will wither and die! I don’t want to see that happen, but most importantly I hope America doesn’t want that either!